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Riot, Please shut the servers down for one day. That is all I ask of you, One day where you bring in all your workers and fix the server! Because putting a band-aid on a broken bone isn’t working anymore :(

Who all agrees? Lets have a functional server again like the good ole days!
(mind you I’ve been playing for 4 years and they used to do server maintenance every Tuesday. On NA Servers at least. And I do know the number of people playing has increased greatly, but still….fix them please.)


Hey an Update from TheDunkMasters Is much needed!

I know we haven’t had the most consistent posts and i’ve been lacking on live streaming! But with work I’ve been pretty much working 11pm-9am. So My schedule has been work, sleep, eat, repeat.

But with this job for the next week I’ll be in Pensacola Florida! So if you see me down there hit me up with a hello! :D

Ill be updating on my twitter through out the trip! and i’ll most likely be wearing my TSM hat! 

So here is a small update, I do plan on finding time this week to post more and continue for the rest of the summer!

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